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Samsung Circular Knitting Machines Needles and Sinkers

Long Life Needle


Our improved needles do not open the hook under excessive stress and break easily. With the non-bending and breakable structure of Samsung needles, your machines are protected from possible damage caused by needles, and unnecessary repair / maintenance costs are not encountered.


Although it has increased its strength compared to its competitors by increasing its HRC hardness to 62, Samsung, which has a much stronger structure, offers you economical products with high performance and long service life in circular knitting needles.


Prim Latch Structured Needle


  • It definitely does not cause lycra polishing (vertical cut) problem on fabrics. It allows it to work at high lycra feeding rates.

  • Since the latch structure is elliptical, the deformation time is longer.

  • It provides the opportunity to work without problems for a longer time in hard yarns.

  • It easily makes high-weight fabric types that latch needles cannot do.

  • It provides price-performance advantage.


Superior Knitting Quality


  • Excellent knitting quality with improved hook structure




In order to achieve the best fabric quality, the edges of Samsung sinkers are rounded and the entire surface is polished. In some of our sinkers, local hardening is applied.


If the edges of the sinker are not rounded and the surface is not polished, the used thread can be easily damaged as friction will increase.

 R-rounding ( x40 photo ) Look at the circular edges


Advantages of Regional Hardening


  • Thanks to the rounded edges, the formation of yarn piles due to friction is prevented.

  • Longer lasting sinker usage is provided with local hardening

  • The loop structure is more homogeneous in the fabric.


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