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Silverion Collagen - Techtextil 2024

Teksel Tekstil presented its new R&D product, the Silverion Collagen yarn with unique features, to Textile professionals from around the world at Techtextil 2024.

The international Textile organization Techtextil 2024, which is at the forefront of Technical Textiles and Innovation, opened its doors to visitors between April 23-26 this year. At the fair, where there was intense interest and where manufacturers exhibiting products predominantly on Technical Textiles as well as innovative new products were closely followed, Teksel Tekstil took its place with the Silverion Collagen yarn brand.

At the Teksel Tekstil booth, which also drew intense interest from many visitors seeking Antibacterial, Antistatic and Antifungal products, new design functional textile products containing Silverion Collagen blended with Pure Silver and Umorfil were also exhibited. The UV protection feature, High Thermal performance, and Anti-aging property also attracted the attention of many manufacturers. Silverion Collagen, with its antibacterial feature, also offers a low washing cycle, providing low water consumption. Additionally, with its 95% biodegradable structure, it was also the focus of interest for all brand manufacturers aiming for environmentally friendly production.

At the Teksel Tekstil booth, where the majority of visitors were American and European manufacturers, the technical features of Silverion Collagen and the fabric and functional clothing products produced with this special design yarn were exhibited.

Teksel Tekstil, which always aims for the top, continues its R&D efforts without slowing down and aims to open its booth doors to you, the valued visitors, at the important fairs to be held in the coming years.


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