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Silverion Collagen

The unique properties of Pure Silver fibre and the naturalness of Umorfil Beauty Fiber are combined in Silverion Collagen yarn.


Teksel Tekstil’s specific yarn consists of a blend of 60% Umorfil Beauty Fiber, 35% Cotton, and 5% Pure Silver fibres at the optimum value that is reached as a result of R&D studies.

The yarn has Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal test certificates from an internationally accredited Ekoteks test laboratory. In addition to these certificates, it also successfully passed the Anti-Aging efficiency test from a private laboratory. According to the test results carried out in accredited test laboratories, it has been observed that it has an Anti-Static effect.


As a result of the tests carried out in the accredited test laboratories, the fabrics produced with the Silverion Collagen yarn received Anti-UV (UPF 50+), Anti-Pilling, and Thermal Resistance certificates.

Anti-Bacterial: Pure Silver prevents the reproduction of 650 different types of bacteria and microbes by fragmenting their DNA, thanks to its oligodynamic effect. The yarn can also clean itself due to its strong antibacterial properties. Moreover, it contributes to nature and ecological balance by not requiring frequent washing.

​Anti-Static: Thanks to its anti-static feature, it prevents the accumulation of static electricity in the user.

​Anti-Fungal: The final product produced with the Silverion Collagen yarn helps to prevent irritation and itching in areas of contact with the skin of users. It makes users feel comfortable all day long.

​Anti-Aging: Thanks to the collagen peptide amino acids coming from the structure of waste fish scales and the ionization feature of the Pure Silver, it helps reduce the signs of aging and helps the skin to stay healthier.

​Thermal Resistance: The final product that is made from the Silverion Collagen yarn has superior thermal performance. It ensures the ideal temperature is maintained during every season.

​Anti-UV: Provides a high degree of protection (UPF 50+) against harmful UV rays from the sun.

​Anti-Pilling: The yarn has successfully passed the pilling test carried out in the accredited laboratories

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