Consumble Parts & Accessories

  • The keyboard features indeed specially-designed keys, dedicated to the main functions. The adjustments and gathered data are protected by a secret code which can be disabled and/or by an electronic key. The owner of the electronic key can alter the secret code and/or prevent other users form gaining access to the keyboard. A wide range of optical readers with a complete adjsutment allows to use this instrument for a great number of types of production.
  • This computerised system detects the faults by means of infared optical readers positioned to analise the knitted fabric and makes use of accurate testing methods.It avoid manufactoring damage pieces and allows a quality control in terms of kind and number of defects.
  • The instrument features different adjustaments for holes and dropped stitches and their revelant luminous logarithmic scales. A testing and monitoring method conducted on 3 rotations allows to spot the smallest dorpped stitches.
  • The built-in microcontroller stores and displays the number and kind of defects. The backlighted, 32-chraracter LCD screen displays the useful data in a clear and complete way.The instrument sensivity can be easily adjusted, since it is steadily displayed and can be altered by means of keys permanently dedicated to these fundamental functions, only.