Consumble Parts & Accessories

  • The instrument consists of a main module, a specially-designed magnetic switch and a maximum number of four infrared optical readers for needle detection.
  • The smooth front panel with projecting keys allows a longer useful life.
  • The instrument is housed in a sturdy metal box
  • The AG 14 AGOTEX instrument is used on single-bed or double-bed circular knitting machines to detect needle head breackage.
  • A precision magnetic sensor warns the instrument that the circular knitting machine has performed one complete rotation.
  • At this stage the digital processor built into the instrument stores and verifies the number of needles working.
  • The intsrument recognises the broken needle and stops the production or the machine, so that the broken needle may be positioned at a pre-sel location.
  • Dialouges in Italian,English,French and other languages on demand